Periodontal Disease

What is periodontitis in Watford?

Periodontitis is the more severe form of gum disease, it means that there is a serious infection in the gum, caused by bacteria which has accumulated on your teeth and gums.

If left unattended, periodontitis can damage your bones and teeth and lead to tooth loss. The good news is that if identified early, periodontitis can be treated, and the damage stopped.

At Dunstable Dental Practice, we promote a preventative approach to dentistry – we aim to prevent periodontal disease from arising in the first place, but our dentists do treat patients from Rickmansworth, Watford, Chandler’s Cross, Bushey, Moor Park, and throughout Hertfordshire who have gum disease.

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Stages of periodontal disease

There are several stages of periodontitis. You may not notice any signs of early gum disease whilst brushing your teeth at home, and this is why we recommend regular check-ups with your dentist and hygienist who can keep a close eye on identifying and diagnosing periodontal disease.


Gum disease starts with gingivitis. This is where plaque builds up on your teeth and affects the gums. Plaque is caused by bacteria and food debris in your mouth.

Whilst bacteria will always be in your mouth, an excess of it – usually caused by poor dental hygiene – can lead to gingivitis.

You may notice red or inflamed gums which may bleed when you brush your teeth. Worryingly, you may not notice any symptoms at all.

Early periodontal disease

If gingivitis is not treated, you will go on to develop early periodontal disease.

Your gums will start to recede and small pockets between the gums and teeth are formed which attract the harmful bacteria.

Your body will begin to fight the infection. You may still notice bleeding when you brush your teeth.

Moderate periodontal disease

If left untreated, the periodontal disease will advance. At this stage you may notice more pain and bleeding from the gum.

Your teeth will start to lose the support from the bone and may become loose.

Advanced periodontal disease

At this stage, the gums, bones and other oral tissue which keep your teeth in place become destroyed.

You might experience severe pain, bad breath and are likely to lose teeth.

How is periodontitis treated in Watford?

Treatment for periodontitis at Dunstable Dental Practice will depend upon which stage of gum disease you have. Ultimately, it will involve your hygienist removing the plaque and bacterial deposits from your teeth and gums.

Professional clean

Your hygienist will conduct a thorough and professional cleaning of your mouth.

As well as removing the build-up of plaque, they will give a deep clean to any periodontal pockets that have formed in your gums, and which collect bacteria.


Sometimes, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics for persistent or severe forms of gum infections.

You may be given mouthwashes or some form of treatment plan to carry out at home. Your hygienist will show you how best to brush your teeth and boost your oral hygiene.


Your dentist will want to keep a check on the periodontal disease so you will need to come back to the dental surgery in Dunstable for regular checks.

If the gum disease persists and is not responding to other treatment, you may be offered surgery which involves lifting the gums away from the teeth roots and cleaning under the gums. You may also consider surgery if you have suffered from bone loss.

FAQ's for Periodontal Disease

What are the symptoms for periodontitis?

This will depend on the stage of periodontal disease, but you may notice bad breath, bleeding from the gums when you brush your teeth, red, tender or swollen gums, receding gums, pain in your gums, a bad taste in your mouth or a tooth becoming loose.

Are some people more likely to develop periodontal disease?

Yes, people who smoke are the group of people most at risk of developing gum disease. Other factors include type two diabetes and obesity. Certain immune diseases like leukemia can increase your chances of getting gum disease. Additionally, some medications can affect your likelihood of developing periodontal disease.

How can I prevent periodontal disease from occurring?

By taking good care of your oral hygiene. This means brushing your teeth for two minutes and in the correct way twice a day. Flossing to prevent the build-up of plaque between the teeth once a day. You should visit your dentist and hygienist every 6 to 12 months and cut out smoking.

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