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front-of-practiceWe aim to make you and your family as comfortable as possible during your visits. At your first visit, we will discuss your medical history and conduct a thorough examination which may include necessary X-rays. We want you to tell us how you feel about your teeth and gums and what concerns you have regarding them. We will then be happy to explain any treatment required. It may be necessary to make further appointments which will allow us sufficient time to complete you treatment.

Following the initial examination we will be able to give you an estimate of costs.

receptionWe fully appreciate any possible apprehension you may have concerning treatment and will do our best to reassure you. You can be confident that you will receive the best care from our highly trained team in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


We invite you to ask us any questions regarding your general health, appearance, treatment and costs.


treatment-roomIt is the policy of our practice to preserve your natural teeth by preventing the disease processes in teeth and gums. We have a first class preventive care programme which helps us accomplish this.

We are able to offer you a comprehensive range of treatment from which you will benefit for life. In carrying out the treatment, we utilise the latest materials available to ensure pain free dentistry.

We encourage children to visit us from an early age with a view to avoiding possible tooth decay. They may benefit from our paint-on fissure sealants and other types of preventive treatment.

White fillings are just one of the applications we can use to improve your appearance. Our modern technology means that everyone can enjoy the confidence that comes from having attractive teeth.

X-rays that are necessary in the diagnosis of tooth and gum disease are taken in this practice. These can determine the presence of hidden decay, the condition of deep fillings, impacted teeth and many other problems.

Ongoing Care

patient-adviceThe importance of regular visits cannot be overstressed, they help us to help you retain your natural teeth and give you a healthy smile for life.

If your child has crowded or protruding teeth, we will be happy to refer you to an orthodontist for specialist treatment if necessary.

We advise you on all aspects of dental care.

Whatever your treatment, the highest standards of instrument sterilisation and hygiene are always employed to avoid the possibility of cross infection.

In case of emergency you will always be able to contact us.

If there is anything that you would like to have explained, including any of the points covered on this page, please ask.