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“I have just visited Dunstable Dental Practice and am pleasantly surprised at the treatment I have received. It has taken me great courage to book an appointment with the dentist as I am very nervous. The dentist was very patient in fact the reception staff and nurse were very friendly and made me feel at ease. Thank you for making my experience at the dentist pleasant, I will definitely be booking my future appointments with you.”
Mr A Sharpe

“I am an extremely nervous patient and like most I suspect do not enjoy making visits to the Dentist. This said, I had a really painful problem with one of my back teeth that would just not subside; I hadn’t been for quite a few years previous and feared what work may be involved.  I finally plucked up the courage to find a dentist and get myself registered.  Fortunately a friend had recommended a practice to me, I really had little option but to go with it and it was local. On phoning to book an appointment I found the reception staff very accommodating. The Dentist and nurse were very kind and really did put me at ease, though still a little nervous I think may take time he did reassure me.  I was very impressed with the care and treatment I received and will make every attempt to maintain my six monthly check ups with you.”
Mrs J Pierce 

“Thanks for seeing me today! Had thought it would be difficult to find an enrolling NHS dentist.  Very impressed at how quickly you were able to book me an appointment.  Will certainly return to your services again.”
Mr E Jones

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